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Start by streaming our original content on any screen, anytime (during your commute to work, during a meeting, or at home on the couch).


Learn the truth behind Personality Quotient + Emotional Quotient + Leadership Quotient so that you can truly understand yourself and others.


Become the best version of yourself by putting into practice the profound truths you are learning. Implementing the right idea can change your life.


Built for Teams

Are your people being developed to their full potential?



The future of training is here. Growth is not just something that happens a few days a year during a seminar or at an off-site. With GTV your people can grow anytime, anywhere, on any screen.


We regularly charge tens of thousands of dollars for a few days of engagement with a company. Now you can get the same content, distributed to more employees, at a fraction of the cost.


Employees that are learning and growing are less likely to quit, have more energy and enthusiasm for their tasks, and are just generally happier. GTV is an easy way to serve people in your organization.


We understand what organizations need, and we built the tools to make your life easier. You can manage payments and account access for all your people from one simple dashboard.


When you expose your people to the profound truths on GTV you will be transforming their thinking and your organization. Imagine a mature team, with great communication, conquering goals.


Employee training has always centered around top level management even though most day-to-day decisions are made by others. With GTV it’s finally possible to help everyone develop professionally.


Future of Leadership Training

Watch this short video to see how leadership training in the 21st century is going through a massive transition.

GTV is positioned to help your organization take advantage of the current technological advances and the current state of media consumption, so that you can get the most out of your people.


Our Story

A letter from our CEO

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My team has consulted for organizations in over 14 different countries. This includes Fortune 500 clients like Pfizer, best in class brands like Chick-fil-A, and even the US Military. We’ve helped over 60,000 people discover their voice using our online tools, and we’ve also written three books published by Wiley.

In my experiences I have learned one powerful thing—new ways of thinking can completely transform an individual or an organization. Serve yourself, your team, or even your family, by giving them access to life-changing ideas.